Smoked Mussels

$ 9.50

Smoked Mussels - Great for appetizers. The mussels are partially cooked then removed from the shell. The mussel meats are then brined with salt and a little brown sugar and smoked over our blend of hickory and maple wood.

Toss these little morsels of goodness with some olive oil and spices and serve as an appetizer or toss with linguine for the perfect seafood pasta dish.

PRICE: $9.50 per bag . Approximately 3 servings per bag. Add number of bags to your cart. Shipping costs are calculated in your cart before you pay.

Packed 6 Oz. per bag.  Approximately 30 mussels per bag.

We use no preservatives, just salt, brown sugar and natural hardwood smoke.

10 day refrigerated shelf life from date of receipt. 

INGREDIENTS: Blue (common) mussel, Salt, Brown Sugar, Natural Hardwood Smoke

-Nutritional values of our fish very throughout the year and from batch to batch. Our fresh packed smoked fish has considerably less sodium and sugar in it than other smoked fish that is vacuum sealed. Caution may contain shells.    


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