About Us


Fox Seafood Inc. was established in 1980 by Jim and Lucy Fox. They designed and built a small building in Narragansett, RI to fillet fish caught by the local boats from the nearby docks in Point Judith. At the same time they built a smokehouse and began smoking fresh Rhode Island seafood. 

In time the Fox name became associated with excellent quality seafood and amazing smoked fish.

In 2007 Jim and Lucy decided it was time to pass the smoking tradition on to someone else, they sold the smoked fish business to John & Hali LaFountain . The Fox family continue to own and operate several successful seafood companies including Dave Handrigan Seafood in Point Judith, Rhode Island and SeaFresh USA in North Kingstown, RI.

John and Hali have further perfected the craft of smoking fish using time honored methods and sourcing the freshest seafood available to produce one of a kind, delicious smoked fish. They both were born and raised in southern Rhode Island, close to the sea and the fishing industry. Hali comes from a long line of local fisherman who continue to this day to forge a living from the ocean. Having these deep rooted connections to the seafood world, it came naturally to both John and Hali to take on this new experience that is smoking fish.. Loving the opportunity to create a product that is enjoyed by many!


All of our fish is meticulously cared for and handled under Federal Seafood HACCP regulations from the time its received into our facility, through out processing, packaging, and shipment. You can be sure that you will receive a safe product with consistent quality and flavor.

We start with fresh whole fish and carefully fillet and portion the fish by hand. 

In total our process takes 3 days from start to finish. 

Our fish is “Hot Smoked” in small batches. “Hot smoked” fish are roasted while they smoke and fully cooked to an internal temperature of 145 f for a minimum of 30 minutes resulting in a flaky texture.